Bach bewegt # Bach-bacena – just a little bit (A)normal

Dear friends,

we are happy to invite you to the second season of

“Bach bewegt # Bach-bacena – just a little bit (A)normal


 Gehart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz-Zittau & wee dance company (Germany)


March 1st.  – 19:30  SOLD OUT!

March 2nd. – 19:30 SOLD OUT!

March 7th. – 19:30 SOLD OUT!

March 10th. – 19:00 SOLD OUT!

March 14th. – 19:30 SOLD OUT!

Where: Apollo Theater- Hospital Straße / Görlitz

March 17th. – 19:30

April 1st. – 19:30

Where: Theater Zittau hinterm Vorhang / Zittau

See you there!!!!!

Tickets here



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