Graduation Ceremony – Master of Arts Choreography

 July 20th. 2012 – Graduation Ceremony at Palucca University of Dance- Dresden

Wagner Moreira received the degree “Master of Arts  Choreography”

together with

Sarah Balzat/Germany

Shan Li Peng/Taiwan

Miriam Welk/Germany

William Sánchez/Colombia

“This interdisciplinary programme focuses on giving the individual students the opportunity to hone and develop their choreographic skills.

Students are encouraged to discover their own unique choreographic language and this includes critical reflection on the creative process as well as performed work. The course in Choreography involves close cooperation with other artistic education institutes from the international dance scene.

In the course of their studies, students choreograph and lead projects, which are then to performed. Their MA project, featuring at least five performers, may be presented on-stage as a dance work, a film, an interdisciplinary installation or as a site-specific work.” 

                                                                Palucca University of Dance – Dresden


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