Interview ADF

American Dance Festival – Durham- NC  – Duke University- Foto: Sara Davis


ADF: Whats is your  background?

Wagner Moreira:   I’m Brazilian and I’m attending the MA Choreography program at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz-Dresden in Germany. I’ve been working as a dancer and teacher for the 12 last years. Last year I got a support from the German pension insurance which allows me a new guidance in my life. That’s why I came up to the idea of studying performing arts and becoming a dance maker.

ADF:  Tell me about the ICR Program and you interest  in it.

Wagner Moreira:  So, the International Choreographers in Residency Program came to me as a gift. The program gives me a lot of possibilities to go deeper in many different ways of making dance. This program is a possibility to improve myself, because it’s a new challenge for me. I’m really interested in learning more and making clear how I can develop my own language, and a way to set things in time and space, what means for me to make choreography.

ADF:  What do you hope take away /gain from summer ADF?

Wagner Moreira:  I hope to take away with me new ideas of how to make dance in regards to my own environment, I mean: the society where I live and on which context I want to move and which kind of content I want to bring along with in many different contexts. I wish to take a better knowledge to understand the process of making art.

ADF: : Anything else you´d like to add?

Wagner Moreira:     I’d like to add that I’m so happy to be here and I’m really excited about everything. I’d also like to thank the teachers from the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden, that sent me here, the “German Pension Insurance” for giving me the financial support to study the Esther/ Otto Seligman Foundation and Arnhold Foundation for the scholarship. Thank you all very, very much.




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